When you need to hire a construction management firm, how do you know you’ve made the correct decision? In today’s world you have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. One simple mistake can significantly delay a project. It can also cost you thousands of dollars. We’ve had the privilege of working with Aaron Blythe for a decade now. We only work with Stealth Mode for our construction management needs. We value our reputation. Our customers hired us, because they want the job done right. We want to work with a construction management company that’s organized, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable in the construction industry. That’s Stealth Mode Construction Management. Here at Adkisson Construction we regularly team up with Stealth Mode to take on more complex, or larger new builds or renovations. I would only recommend Stealth Mode Construction Management. Brett Adkisson, Vice President of Adkisson Construction Contractors Inc.